“Amazing Things Can Happen”: A Weight Loss Success Story

Posted by Healthworks Nutrition
Date: 05-01-2015

John McCarron, a long-time client of Healthworks Nutrition Centre, is a 46 year old sales executive who decided to make a major change in his life.  It was after seeing a picture of himself — now known as the “before picture” –that John knew he had to do something about his health.

“I gained weight after being in a bad car accident in 2006.  No matter what I tried to lose weight, it didn’t work.  My health was getting worse.  High blood pressure, severe sleep apnea (I had to sleep with a breathing machine and face mask) and ringing in my ears were all a result of the weight gain and accident.  I was always tired and had bad food cravings.  I was at a point where I thought I was ‘destined’ to be fat.”

John was given a documentary called Hungry for Change by a good friend.  It was exactly what he needed to begin to educate himself on new approaches to eating and lifestyle, studying juicing, as well as vegetarian and vegan foods.  He did not give up on meat, but he now understands the importance of food combining — and a glass of wine has now become an exception (such as a monthly reward) rather than the rule.

Professionally, there were also changes that needed to be made.  John works in a very high-paced and high-stress industry; his take home pay is strictly commission.  “Finding a way to fit everything in is still something I am working at.  I had to make myself a priority and take time out during the day to work out.  My friends, family and co-workers understand now that I need to do this.  It is not an option for me to miss a workout.”

John began to work out with trainers who understood his injuries. He found that having a trainer pushed his intensity of the workout to a higher level.  He also trained for an hour on his own every day, usually on a bike or cross-trainer.  He had to be mindful of a foot injury, so the cardio needed to be non-impact.  John is also careful to mention that he keeps up with the workouts even if he is feeling stiff or tired, but that rest is also important, “If I am too tired in the morning I will sleep, as rest is very important in controlling my bad cravings and getting results.”

A  reward system was something that kept John motivated.  Smaller daily rewards, combined with larger ones.  Losing 100 lbs was a very daunting goal, so John decided to make the reward just as big: a trip to Africa.  And that is exactly what he did this past fall.

John also had his blood looked at, his fat measured and a colon cleanse – regular checkups became necessary to gauge whether he was on track with his new health goals.  John came to Healthworks for Live Cell Analysis – a place he found he could trust.  “I found the service to be of value and could trust that the supplements are high quality. Grant was not interested in selling (to) me – he was interested in helping me reach my goals for both weight loss and prepping for the Kili hike.”

“I know that once I decide to do something, I can (do it).  I can get the results with the right plan… amazing things can happen.”


John is proud of his achievements – and so he should be.  At the time of this interview, John had lost 114 lbs in 14 months and summited Mount Kilimanjaro.  He has managed to balance the rigours of work, time with family and friends, along with his new active lifestyle.  He has plans to be certified as a trainer, and possible as a hiking guide.  He also wants to take courses in nutrition.

John has some words of wisdom for those who are looking to change their lives and lose weight, “You are not alone.  Being fat is not your destiny.  Eat nutritionally dense foods, supplement your diet, and be active.  Results will happen if you want to change.”

“I lost so much of my life due to weight”, he says, “I want to live again.  I want to travel.  I want to climb mountains, and do things I could not do before because I was too big.”

On a side note:  It has been amazing to watch John’s transformation over the past year and a half.  Every time he came into the office, he looked different.  There was an excitement and vitality that began to work its way into John.  He continues to amaze us and we could not be prouder of him and his accomplishments. 

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