1. What are the different services that are offered at Healthworks?

We are a full service natural health centre. We currently offer Live Cell Analysis, Thermography (Breast, dental, cranial and Full Body), Weight Loss, Colon Hydrotherapy, Massage and Ion Cleansing. We also offer a full line of top quality therapeutic grade health supplements.

2. How is a natural practitioner different from a naturopath?

A Natural Health Practitioner is someone who is trained specifically in their field of work. A Naturopath has received a doctorate in natural medicine from an accredited program.

3. What services are covered by health care?

Coverage depends upon your health plan. Very occasionally health spending plans will cover the cost. Alberta Healthcare does not cover any of our services. It is up to you to investigate your extended healthcare plan to find out what you have coverage for.

4. Why do services require a deposit upon creation of the appointment?

As per company policy, we do require a $40 deposit when booking with any of our practitioners. The deposit is applied to the appointment once completed or can be moved a different appointment day, as long as we receive 24 hours notice of a cancellation. The deposit holds your appointment time for you in the practitioners schedule.

5. Where can I find recipes suited to the Phase diet plans I was given at my appointment?

We recommend a few websites that provide gluten free and sugar free recipes, and adhere to the guidelines for the phase diets. This said, each recipe needs to be looked at to see if it is allowable on your phase plan. We have no control over the content in these websites and they are suggested only to help you in finding suitable meal options. You can also use your favorite recipes and make substitutions if needed.

6. How do I know which foods are alkaline or acidic?

The following link provides an online chart, as well as a printable version, of alkaline and acid foods.

7. Why is it important to drink alkaline water?

Considering how crucial water is for our existence (the body is 70% water), it is very important that we hydrate with H2O that is high quality. Water with a pH between 9 and 11, molecularly structured for optimal hydration, and electron rich, is most beneficial.

Local water in the Edmonton area is about a 7 on the pH scale and could be considered to be very good. However, the toxins that also come out of the tap are harmful for your body and it is recommended that you filter your water before drinking. Ionic, alkaline water purifiers not only clean the water, but raise the pH level, giving your body the best water quality. We recommend www.waterionizer.org.