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Posted by Healthworks Nutrition
Date: 29-08-2016


Dr. Baljit Khamba

Dr. Baljit Khamba is originally from Mississauga, Ontario and has been living in Sherwood Park for 3 years now. When she’s not busy helping patients be their best, you might see her out and about with Snoop Dogg (her beloved pooch, not the rapper). She’s a big fan of all things sci-fi and loves travel… In fact, as we speak she’s off exploring Northern Ireland, Scotland and Jersey with her partner, James!

From a young age, Dr. Khamba had an innate curiosity.  As a self-described science geek, she had a fascination with the why behind everything and had a deep thirst for knowledge. Couple this with the fact that she comes from a long line of natural healers, and it’s not hard to figure out why becoming a Naturopathic Doctor was ultimately her calling.

For generations, Dr. Khamba’s ancestors lived in a small village in the foothills of northern India, foraging the natural herbs and vegetation in the area for medicinal purposes. Her great grandfather – the last in a long line of village healers – lived to the ripe old age of 120! Nope, that’s not a typo… one hundred and twenty. 120. Yep, pretty amazing. The wisdom of these healers was passed down through the generations, and so the concepts of food as medicine and eating seasonally and locally were ever-present in Dr. Khamba’s upbringing.  Her family grew a lot of their own food and shopped at local farmers markets on the regular.

Dr. Khamba always knew she wanted to be a doctor in some capacity and even coordinated hospital volunteer programs in her youth. However, it wasn’t until she joined the pre-med society in university that she even heard about naturopathy. Although her mom would argue Dr. Khamba knew she wanted to be a Naturopath deep down since she was in the sixth grade. Two years after Dr. Khamba graduated as a Naturopathic Doctor, her mom found a biographical paper she’d written at 11 years old about her great grandfather, which she ended by saying “I want to be a natural doctor just like him”.

In addition to her qualifications as a licenced Naturopathic Doctor, Dr. Khamba has an honours degree in Psychology, Masters in Public Health and is currently a research assistant at the University of Alberta. She’s one smart lady!

Combining the ancient wisdom of traditional Asian medicine with modern science, Dr. Khamba has a truly unique approach to healing. She believes in treating the whole person and getting to the root cause of her patients’ problems, while empowering them to become active participants in the management of their own health.


We couldn’t be happier to have Dr. Khamba on the Healthworks team and we know you’ll love her as much as we do!

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