Our Weight Loss Program begins!

Posted by Healthworks Nutrition
Date: 21-07-2015

A few months ago, we decided to add a weight loss program to the mix at Healthworks.  We expected a couple people to give it a try.  It was a HUGE surprise when we completely maxed out our program and had to create a waiting list!

This was when we knew that we needed to add a permanent program and make it available year round.

Dr. Lisa is on-board to guide you through the plan — which will continue as long as you want to keep losing the pounds and inches.  We also have coaches who will meet with you weekly to give added support.

The best part?!  We provide the food!  No guesswork involved!  Your meals are completely laid out and made as easy as possible as you move through each phase of the program.

If you would like more information, please add your email to our list and we will be sure you learn everything you need about this amazing opportunity!

*We promise to never send you any spam or share your info with anyone.  This list is only for weight loss program info.

Follow this link to sign up for more details.

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