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Premier Labs

Enhanced Thyroid Complex

Premier Labs’ Enhanced Thyroid Complex contains concentrates (not extracts) and are derived from New Zealand range-grazed animals. The grasslands are non-fertilized and the animals are not administered feed supplements, hormones or antibiotics.

The glands are quick frozen, never exceeding -5°C. Their cellular structure is not damaged and preserved in a biologically active and live state.

Source materials are not subjected to organic or aqueous solvents and therefore, no chlorohydrocarbon remian as residue in the tissues.

These exclusive methods used to produce our products provide the purest nutritional factors needed for the growth, repair and support of the gland entering the small intestine. This method, in fact, produces a more active product. The efficancy of this already unique and active product is heightened further by the Ph shielding of its sensitive ingredients. This shielding prevents destruction of enzymes, polypeptides, and other protein substances by the action of HCI and pepsin in the stomach.

All our glands are enormously powerful organs. They orchestrate physical development, set the pace of metabolism, maintian acid and mineral balance, instrumental in the aging process and promote immunity, amoung other functions. They do all this by producing hormones - specific chemical agents that act as messengers between organs. Science has discovered dozens of different hormones: no doubt others retain to be found.

Enhanced Thyroid Complex seeks to offer the anatomy the corrective nutritional ingredients to assist in balancing thyroid function. Our thyroid is responsible for a number of metabolic activities and achieves this through the production of 2 different hormones. This butter fly gland is situated around the throat, having to sides each side should function normally. If the thyroid is underfunctioning loss of energy and poor metabolism is likely.

Please read up more on your thyroid to gain a better and clearer understanding of its importance.

Enhanced Thyroid Complex contains no sugar, salt, wheat, soy, yeast, milk, rice, corn, preservatives, artificial colors or flavors.

Enhanced Thyroid Complex