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Prairie Naturals

PH Paper rolls

  • Measures body pH quickly & easily!
  • Very economical
  • Test urine first thing in the morning
  • Monitors acid-alkaline balance
  • Colour-coded results


Test your Body pH (Alkalinity). It's quick & easy with Prairie Naturals pH paper.

Frequent pH testing helps you know when you are too acidic. If the pH of your urine is below 6.5, you don't have sufficient alkaline mineral reserves to buffer the acids that lead to osteoporosis and many other diseases. Test your pH daily.

Are you Acidic, How to Measure the Body's pH?

  • The easiest and most economical way to measure your own pH is to use a small piece of specially-designed pH paper
  • Test your own urine first thing in the morning
  • A consistent pH reading of between 6.4 and 7.4 shows a favourable acid-alkaline balance
  • If the pH is regularly below 6.4, this most likely indicates an acidic condition (acidosis)
  • For many people, chronic acidosis is an ongoing issue

pH Test Chart

PH Paper rolls