What is Your Health Worth?

Posted by Healthworks
Date: 19-11-2014

Have you ever asked yourself what your health is worth? What would it mean if you lost the ability to go to work? How would you deal with immobility? What do you love that you would no longer be able to do? Travel? Run? Camp? Ride? Play with your kids? What would the people around you lose if you could no longer function the way you do right now? Or, have you already found yourself in that place? Low energy, lack of drive, depression, pain.

There are so many factors that determine ability to perform the way that you need to and the way that you want to. Performance at work, at home and at play are all determined by how you feel physically, emotionally and spiritually. Can you begin to come up with a value for what you are able to be and what you are able to accomplish for yourself and for others?

Fact is, the price starts to add up. The tally becomes great. You can ask any person who can no longer function the way that he or she remembers and the answer would most definitely be “priceless”.

My goal in writing this piece is not to get you to now come and spend scads of money. My reason is this: You need to realize that you are valuable. You only have one body and you are only given one lifetime to get it right. Not saying that you cannot make mistakes and start again – that is life: we learn and keep moving.

The idea is to keep moving. Keep trying. Just because you are in a place where you have physical or emotional pain, does not mean that you do not possess the ability to get past it and move on. The body is a wonderful thing – if given the proper tools it can begin to heal and function properly. And giving your body what it needs daily is the key to prevention and holding on to those things which make life worth living.

***No, not everything can be prevented, but a vast majority of chronic conditions can be avoided and steered away from. And if you feel stuck in the middle of a diagnosis, the key is to have hope and continue to move forward. Your value is found in who you are and who you were/are made to be. There is no other you.

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