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Get back on track from the pandemic!

With a global pandemic upon us for the last couple of months, we are looking at how to overcome the effects of our changed lifestyles. Gyms are closed and we are asked to stay home, not to mention the many other things that have caused us to feel stressed and turn to what brings us comfort.

It is still vital to take care of our immune system! The majority of our immune strength is in our gut, where beneficial bacteria help us to pull nutrients from the food we eat. These bacteria and the foods they digest need to be contained within the lining of the gut. If that gut lining is damaged, we can host a multitude of health issues like food sensitivities, irritable bowel syndrome, autoimmune issues, thyroid problems, malabsorption of nutrients, inflammatory skin conditions, mood issues and autism.

Help! I need to lose covid pounds!

customized weight loss program

If you suspect that you have a leaky gut, we recommend Naka’s Pro PB7 or PB11. The PB7 formula contains 7 different strains and has 100 billion probiotics at time of production; guaranteed 50 billion at expiry. It is shelf stable and it has L-Glutamine, which is an important energy source for intestinal and immune system cells. It maintains the intestinal barrier, thereby protecting against leaky gut. 

Some of us are needing more support for our weight management in combination with optimizing our gut environment. Naka’s Pro PB11 is an excellent addition to a weight loss protocol. It contains 60 Billion bacteria from 11 strains with L-Glutamine. This builds up the variety of microbes in the gut and helps fight things like irritable bowel syndrome. 

probiotics for digestion and the immune system.
Improve digestion and the immune system

Should I do a cleanse?

During the stress of this pandemic, most of us are turning to comfort foods and eating more. Since we just finished winter, a season often associated with starchy and processed foods, it’s time to spring clean! Every spring we need to make sure our bodies’ exit systems are open and ready to let toxins out. This includes the effects of alcohol if you have been indulging in that more than normal lately too.

The best way to improve liver function and protect the liver is with Naka’s Pro Liver. It can also help relieve digestive disturbances, increase bile flow and provide antioxidants for the maintenance of good health. Bile contains acid which is critical for absorption of nutrients and digestion of fats. Our digestive process depends on good liver function! 

Here’s how you will know if your liver needs some fine tuning. If you have any of the following symptoms, it’s time to consider better care for your liver: bloating, constipation, acid reflux, heartburn, inability to lose weight, high blood pressure, mood swings, anxiety, depression, dark urine, excessive sweat or chronic fatigue. 

Some foods that are good for your spring cleaning regime include: organic sweet potato with the skin on, beets, leafy greens, dandelions, turmeric, cruciferous vegetables like cabbage and broccoli, blueberries, cranberries, radishes and citrus fruits. Use these ingredients to make a juice that you can drink once a week for good liver maintenance. 

Naka Pro Liver: cleanse and protect.
Pro Liver: cleanse and protect

What can I do about feeling stressed?

Chronic fatigue can improve with increasing liver function but the subtle day to day tiredness may be a result of vitamin B deficiencies. Now that we have improved the gut environment and cleaned up the liver, we can refresh our energy and improve cognitive function by topping up our levels of vitamin B. Not only does the Naka Pro B100 complex have a variety of B’s but it also contains panax ginseng which helps improve energy and cognitive function as well. 

Not many people have walked through this pandemic with less stress, let’s be honest, that’s a real energy killer there! Not only does Naka’s Pro B100 boost your energy with essential vitamins that you may not be getting in your diet but it also aids in stress management! This is where the ashwagandha and rhodiola come in, to help the body manage stress and support the nervous system. 

You can also improve stress management with deep breathing, making sure you are getting exercise daily and a good night’s sleep. If your stress levels are so high that it impedes your ability to sleep or exercise, we can help you with that.

Energize and de stress with Naka Pro B100 BioMax
Energize and de stress with Naka Pro B100 BioMax

I need more energy and I need it now!

Have you noticed that you are retaining more water lately? If you have been eating a lot of acidic foods over the winter and not getting enough exercise, it’s time to look at alkalizing and nourishing your body. Leafy greens are the experts at helping the body to be more alkaline on a PH scale. Being on the alkaline side of the scale helps prevent disorders, diseases and unhealthy microbes from flourishing. This also helps reduce inflammation and muscle spasms. 

When we eat too many acidic foods, our body must pull minerals from various parts of our body to be able to neutralize this acid. Since the body is always trying to maintain a balanced PH, a diet with a lot of acidic foods will cause a steady search for minerals within the body to digest those foods. The leafy greens in Naka’s Pro Greens help bring that PH balance needed and it helps to stop cravings because our body is being properly nourished. 

To further energize us to get through these stressful days, the ginseng in Naka’s Pro Greens is so helpful. Also, to help the liver with detoxifying, this dynamic formula also contains chlorophyll to aid with constipation and inflammation. 

If you don’t have time to juice once a week as recommended above, take one tablespoon of these greens every day for consistent benefits and to help nourish your body year round.

Naka Pro Greens
Naka Pro Greens

What will it cost to get me back on track?

This is how we come against the destructive effects of stress, weight gain and lack of exercising for the last couple of months during this pandemic! Get 20% off these 4 products when you purchase them together, until June 13th. We will also give you a diet plan to follow for maximum success!

20% off Naka products until June 13, 2020