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Apps for Your Healthy Lifestyle

Healthy living is a full time commitment to your health and it impacts all your major decisions.Do I take the stairs or elevator? What should I pack for lunch?Where do we go for supper?Should I ride my bike or drive to work/school?How do I fit in a workout today? 

There are literally hundreds (if not thousands) of apps that relate to lifestyle and health — but we have found a few that we like!

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For a free app, this one ranks pretty well.Use the GPS tracker in your phone to measure your daily levels of activity.A basic and easy-to-use pedometer.Of course, if you want more functionality, you can upgrade to a paid version. iPhone/Android


An online training video app.The app provides a free starter training pack of workout videos (and they are good… with a few being over 35 mins in length).From there, you can pay for and download the trainer/style of workout that you like and keep track of your workouts in the app. A great option when you can’t get to the gym or are on the road a lot.We love this one!  iPhone/iPad/Android


Over 1200 substitutions for everyday ingredients.Find options for diet changes (gluten free, vegan, etc.) or allergies.Or, maybe you don’t have that pesky recipe ingredient in your pantry and you need an alternative. Very handy and useful.$3.49  iPhone/iPad


A free shopping guide put out by the Centre for Food Safety.Find out how to best avoid GMO’s and keep yourself in the loop when it comes to the ingredients in your foods. The products listed are US-based, but since Canada has so many of the products it is definitely a good addition to your app list.  iPhone/Android

garden plate


A beautiful, eye-pleasing recipe app that caters to vegetarian and gluten free eating.Trust me, you want to check this one out.It’ll make you hungry.Free, with in-app purchases.  iPhone/Android