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Thermography is an imaging procedure where infrared images are analyzed.  A state of the art FDA approved infrared imaging camera measures skin temperature (heat generated by microcirculation of blood) and transmits this information to a computer which converts the radiometric measurements into images.  

Most often, thermography is used to aid in monitoring breast health but it has other applications. We offer exams of the breast/chest, cranial/dental/thryoid, a combination of those two and a full body exam that also includes upper and lower limbs.


Thermal imaging has been an available medical test for more than 50 years. Thermography is a safe procedure and does not expose a patient to any form of radiation; it is a painless and non-invasive procedure with absolutely no adverse side effects.  It can be used at any age and provides information far superior to others in the early stages of some diseases.


Breast thermography is a physiological test that provides information on temperature and infrared heat patterns of the breast. Because the skin naturally emits thermal radiation (heat), it is well suited to infrared imaging. Thermography differs from mammography in that it provides information on the biological activity of the breast vs. the gross internal anatomy. Infrared imaging is a functional test, whereas mammography is a structural test.
As a functional test, thermography can detect breast abnormalities that other screening methods cannot identify, namely thermal and vascular changes. The increased metabolic activity seen on a breast thermogram can be an indication of injury, mastitis, fibrocystic breast disease or cancer. These functional changes are thought to take place before the onset of structural changes that can occur in diseased or cancerous states. A persistent abnormal thermogram can alert the physician to the need for further investigation and identify women who need to be more closely monitored.

Temperature measurements will differ in various parts of the body, but in a normal healthy individual, the temperature changes should be relatively symmetrical.  
Because thermograms in a healthy woman remain remarkably constant, serial thermograms can assess tissue changes over time. A healthy initial thermogram serves as a baseline to compare future thermograms against.

Studies show that when breast thermography is used as part of a multimodal approach with clinical examinations and mammography, 95% of early stage cancers can be detected.  It is always important to stay proactive and well informed in your own health care.  In addition to your regular medical breast regular breast imaging with thermography.  The results could change your life.  


Cranial/Dental/Thyroid: $275.00
Breast: $275.00
Breast/Cranial/Dental/Thyroid: $558.00
Full Body Thermography: $895