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Live Cell Analysis


Live and Dried Blood Cell Analysis are used in observing and monitoring the state and/or dysfunction of the body’s systems and organs. The largest advantage is its ability to pick up health problems in their earliest stages, identifying toxicities and deficiencies in the blood.


The tests are carried out by extracting a minute amount of blood from the fingertip. The blood is then viewed through a high-powered microscope linked to a video monitor, allowing the client to view the blood during the analysis. By observing different components in the live sample and patterns in the dried sample, the analyst will then suggest an appropriate suggestion plan including elements of supplementation, diet, exercise and other therapies.


Among the phenomena observed in the live and dry blood are:

  • The level of activity or lack of activity of the immune system.
  • The condition of the red blood cells, liver, kidney, pancreas, heart, lungs, prostate, reproductive organs, and other organ stress.
  • Detection of the presence of parasites, yeast, and fungus.
  • Features associated with: blood sugar imbalance, malabsorption of fats and proteins, and vitamin/mineral deficiency

How can Cell Analysis Help Me?

Live Blood Analysis Patient

Live and Dry Cell Analysis can help by:

            • Giving early warning of possible oncoming problems
            • Specifying conditions quickly and unambiguously
            • Alerting the analyst to advise for specific medical referral
            • Monitoring a condition(s) before and after recommended diet/supplementation
            • Determining the effectiveness of a regime or program
Grant Derkatz, Clinical Director and Live Cell Analyst, has extensive background and knowledge of Live Cell Analysis. He specializes in opening the channels of elimination and nourishing the body. With over 20 years experience, Grant has worked with thousands of individuals fighting disease, those dealing with chronic illness, and those wanting to improve their overall health and well being.
Healthy Dry Blood Cell Viral Activity Blood Sample Ghost Cells Blood Sample
Cancer Blood Sample Chemical Toxicity Blood Sample High Blood Sugar Sample
Calcium Crystal Blood Sample Aggregatiton Blood Sample Intestinal Toxemia Blood Sample



You will need to fast for two hours prior to your appointment, drinking ONLY WATER during this time. No coffee, no tea. You can take your medications as per usual.

If you have young children try your best to have them fast for the full time and bring a snack for your child to eat after the analyst takes the drop of blood. If they must snack have them eat a tiny bit of cucumber, broccoli, celery, blueberries or blackberries.

PDF Preparation for Live Cell Analysis


If this is your first visit ever, or you haven't had your blood analyzed for over a year, please fill out this form: INITIAL/FIRST VISIT - PDF DOWNLOAD

If this is a follow-up visit within a year of your last visit, please fill out this formRECAP/FOLLOW-UP VISIT - PDF DOWNLOAD