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Stress and Cancer Activation

Did you know?
Stress and cancer are intimately related. 
Stress does two things…

1. Stress switches on cancer
In response to stress, your body releases a flood of hormones into the blood which are part of your body’s communication system.
Hormones deliver messages to genes and cells and act as genetic switches, turning genes on or off.
They directly influence important cellular processes, including those that regulate cell growth and help to protect against tumors.

2. Stress drives cancer
Nor-epinephrine, a hormone produced during periods of stress, drives cancer.
Nor-epinephrine increases the growth rate of cancer by stimulating tumour cells to produce collagen, dissolving enzymes that break down the tissues around the tumour cells, allowing the cells to more easily move into your bloodstream.
Nor-epinephrine can also stimulate tumour cells to release a chemical called vascular endothelial growth factor, which promotes angiogenesis (the growth of blood vessels that feed growing tumors).

Cortisol is another stress hormone.
A study in a 2000 journal of the national cancer institute measured survival in metastatic breast cancer patients and found that up to seven years later their daily cortisol levels were predictive of who would or would not survive.

Both cortisol and nor-epinephrine block the action of cancer protective natural killer cells.
A study in a 2005 journal of clinical oncology found that women with cancer who had positive attitudes had much more active natural killer cells than those who had sunk into depression and hopelessness.   

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